New Oil and Gas Exploration Safety Video

The oil and gas industry employs hundreds of thousands of workers. These workers are engaged in many different industrial processes needed to successfully drill and service a well. Recognizing and controlling hazards is critical to preventing injuries and deaths.

A new video developed by the Region VI OSHA Training Institute Education Centers offers guidance on how to prevent injuries and fatalities from common hazards in the oil and gas industry. 

The one-hour video will focus on:

  • Falls
  • Transportation 
  • Struck-by/Caught-in/Caught-between
  • Hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Heat Illness
  • Resources

A video developed by an OSHA Training Institute Education Center features ways to prevent injuries and fatalities in the oil and gas industry. The video focuses on falls, transportation, struck-by/caught-in/caught between, hydrogen sulfide gas, and heat illness. The free video will be available May 28. 

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