Fatalities Associated with Hot Work on Oilfield Tanks, Tankers, and other related equipment

Between 2005 and 2015 "85" DEATHS due to fires or explosions, Including 28 hot work deaths

Produced fluids, such as crude oil, flowback water, and produced water are brought to the surface, along with hydrocarbon vapors and gases during production operations.

These fluids are separated and stored on the production site in tanks which require periodic monitoring and repair.

Tanker/vacuum trucks and pipelines are used to transport and/or remove these fluids from the production site.

There are flammable and toxic hazards (e.g. H2 S, benzene) associated with hot work operations (burning, welding, using fire-or-spark producing tools) on permanent and temporary storage and tanker/vacuum truck tanks and other equipment such as heater/treaters, flowback tanks, interconnecting pipes, and produced water tankers which contain hydrocarbon residues.

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